Lira- Rebuilding After the War

Recently, Kids Inspiring Kids as well as an American volunteer, Jeff, traveled to Lira in Northern Uganda. While they were there they met some amazing people who will become an integral part of helping the people in the Banda Acholi Quarters. A counselor will be coming to the Quarters next month to help the people with PTSD from all of the trauma they have suffered. We are very excited to partner with amazing locals. 

The man above was able to buy tools for his dentist practice because of the savings group.  Also, a village leader in Lira telling us how they saved to buy two oxen and a plow. With these tools, their farming has increased.

The fish above are illegal as they are too small and should be thrown back, but the people need to eat.  The young girls used to be prostitutes but are now learning about hair care and styling to help keep them off the street in a different profession.  These women will come to the Banda Quarters to council our people with PTSD.


Nikki Lynn