Chores for Charity: KIK Charity Jar

At Kids Inspiring Kids we understand that the best way to make the biggest impact is to start with kids! Even in America we sometimes lose hope as we get older and our dreams become dampened with the reality of everyday life. But if you ask a kid what they want to be when they grow up, they often have BIG goals. 

Through our volunteers and partners, we have had several kids directly involved in impacting our vision here in Uganda. This coming month we want to spotlight kids in the community under 18yrs old that want to make an impact with KIK. There are a lot of ways they can accomplish this:  One easy way to get your kids involved is Chores for Charity. For one month instead of paying out cash for chores around the house, fill a KIK Charity jar. At the end of the month send us the final amount labeled Chores for Charity and we will individually recognize each kid personally with a thank you card and photo from Uganda.

Challenge your kids to go above and beyond this next month. Show them that every little bit matters and counts when it comes to impacting the world around them.

Nikki Lynn